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All my travel & lifestyle inspirations (things I believe are inspirational) for you are in this page. The aim of my blog is to inspire people to travel and see more within their budget while being responsible towards the planet and the local community. 

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When I am not blogging about my travels, I am working part-time as an itinerary designer and a content creator and as a digital marketer. You can also subscribe to my work on Gigsy to learn more and to get discounts on my services (If you are in India). 

Travel inspirations

The articles on this page hopefully encourage you to explore the world as much as you can. I share about my journey or my stories to inspire you to follow your passion while being mindful about how we affect the planet. Here is me reminding you that work matters but life matters more. So, find time to do things beyond your day job! 

My story and what inspired me to start a travel blog.

Backpacker Shru


Is traveling alone a safe option for women? Why go on a solo trip? These tips will help you plan your first solo female travel.solo women travel

Our (Almost) Zero Waste Big Fat Indian Wedding

Keeping in mind the need for sustainability we planned our Eco-friendly wedding. Read about how you can plan yours.

zero waste Indian wedding