I’m Shruthi

Nice to e-meet you!

I am a travel blogger, content creator and an itinerary designer (focused on responsible tourism).

I started with my solo abroad travels in 2014. Now, I travel most of the time with my husband. Through my travels, I have learned to appreciate and love our planet and all those who live here. 

I don’t travel full time. As a matter of fact, my travel plans happen a lot more slowly and are fewer in number compared to many bloggers because I try to fit it around my lifestyle. But I make sure to visit a new country once a year.

My passion for sustainable travel and writing finally brought me to a point where I started my little corner in the internet.  I write with a hope that you travel without repeating the mistakes I might have done in the past. I also write to provide more valuable travel information for you. 

Travel blogger, Content writer, and Itinerary designer - Backpacker Shru

Follow my journey. I provide tips, budget travel destinations, motivation & fun! Discover responsible sustainable travel ideas with me. Small footprints can make a big difference!

My travel tips, posts and itineraries hopefully inspire you to travel more responsibly and see more, while trying to keep impact on the planet to the minimum! Check out this page for articles that could be inspiring (these posts are also close to the heart)

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Inspirational travel quote

“Jobs Fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul.”

“Die with memories, not with dreams.”

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