Hi, I’m Shruthi

A digital nomad and an eco-travel blogger. Welcome to my sustainable travel & lifestyle blog – Backpacker Shru.

I am so happy you are here because it means you love to travel while making a positive impact.

Backpacker Shru is all about inspiring you to travel more responsibly and helping in planning your perfect green holidays!

Book my service if you need help in planning your sustainable super budget travels or even luxurious ones. So, let the adventures begin!
Travel blog - Backpacker Shru
I hope my blog motivates you to travel and explore the world while being mindful of the choices you make. Because, small footprints can make a big difference!  “If you never go, you will never know”-Anonymous

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Travel blog - Backpacker Shru

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Neither am I a full-time traveler, nor a full-time blogger. When I am not traveling, I work as a content writer, an itinerary designer and a digital marketer amongst other things. So, I can be a bit slow to post about my past travels or new ones!

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Travel blog - Backpacker Shru
Women solo travel tips and ideas- Backpacker Shru
Travel blog - Backpacker Shru

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